Antique R. Lalique Powder Jar Coty "L'Origan", c. 1912

Offered is the Rare R. Lalique, Frosted and Clear Glass Covered Powder Jar, commissioned by Francois Coty for his powder, L'Origan. This mysterious looking lid is decorated with two embracing women surrounded by flowing drapery. The drapery flows up and down the sides of the jar gathered at the bottom with bouquets of flowers. Some of the amorphous shapes formed by the folds are actually articulated hearts. The jar measures 2.5" high by 3.5" wide and weighs almost 8 ounces. Signed and marked "Lalique Depose (Registered) and Trade Mark Coty France". A 1912 design, illustrated in F. Marcilhac: "R. Lalique, Catalogue Raisonne," page 963. From outward appearance the jar looks in excellent condition. Commensurate with its age there are some tiny fleabites and diminutive chips. Looking down on the lid there are 4 miniscule chips. On the lip of the lid you can feel some wearing down of the glass in one spot. The rim of the base has 1 small fleabite and a very fine 1" scratch lies on the bottom. The rim that the jar sits on has some wear, three miniscule chips and one fleabite. The wear etc. is out of sight when the lid is on and in no way affects the display of the jar. Almost all of these small defects could easily be buffed out. The adjective "exquisite" doesn't do justice to this phenomenal jar. Thank you for viewing it.