Antique Lantern- CT Ham Mfg. NY - Scout No. 0HB

Antique Lantern- CT Ham Mfg. NY - Scout No. 0HB


This auction is for a very old and not in such good condition lantern. It was made by the CT Ham Manuafacturing Company of Rochester, NY.

It says the company name and made in USA. It says Scout and No. 0HB.

C. T. Ham Mfg. Co.
Charles Trafton Ham was born in North Berwick, Maine on September 25, 1824 and grew up to become a locomotive engineer on the Boston & Lowell Railroad. In 1871, at the age of 46, he became partners with J. H. Kelley. Their partnership eventually became the Buffalo Steam Gauge Company. When the steam gauge business merged with a lantern company in 1875, the name became Buffalo Steam Gauge and Lantern. The firm produced railroad headlights and markers in addition to steam gauges. The company and factory moved to Rochester in 1876. At the age of 61, C. T. Ham left S. G. & L. to start C. T. Ham Manufacturing Co. in Rochester. His company built tubular, street, square, headlights, railroad, commercial and vessel lamps and lanterns. The company closed in 1914 and was then purchased by the R. E. Dietz Company.

This company was closed in 1914, so this lantern was manufactured that year or prior.

I do not think the globe is the original, it says WFG Company, Cold Blast.

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