Antique Lantern Lamp Light Railroad multi colored spinning man cave synchron

Spent hours trying to find this lamp. Purchased at an estate sale and the owner had some real cool railroad stuff. I was able to get this because the globe was cracked. Plugs in and lights up and spins freely would look good in any man cave just put the crack in the back or take the glass out. I am going to put a piece of tape on the glass for shipping and bubble wrap the crud out of this item but I can't guarantee it will make it intact as the glass is already cracked and one good drop it would be toast. The glass is quite thick so I am hoping it will make it but I also have free pick up if you are near to Grand Rapids Michigan. You can see through the hole on the bottom that the motor is synchron and I see some of these go from 20 dollars to 160 dollars on ebay. I could not tell what number it is and I am not about to try to take this apart being so old. Hope someone likes it! About 11 inches tall.