Antique Large (25 inches Tall)

Copper and Brass Authentic Chinese/ Mongolian Hot Pot

Otherwise known as Chinese Fondue or âeoePot in the Middleâe this beautiful old hot pot was purchased by my husbandâe(tm)s family while they w in Taipei in the early sixties, I believe that it was already an antique when it was purchased. Sturdy and it looks to be still completely functional! It has a plaque on the front that has Chinese writing on it, but I have no ides what it says! This is a nice old piece that is in very good condition. I have taken many photos to show all the details and wear. This piece measures approx. 25" high x 13" wide and it weighs 10LBS , it consists of 3 pieces that fit together to make the fire pot below the cooking pot which features a broad chimney. A fire is started at the base of the piece, another piece sits above the fire pot and it is this piece that supports the main Hot Pot for cooking your food. It also has a large wide lid. So once together, the food cooks in it's own pot above the fire and the chimney allows for the smoke to dissipate without touching the food.

I have seen ones just like this sell on ebay for $250.00 I am offering this beautiful piece for a fraction of that price with no reserve!!!

What it is and what it does!

Called a Mongolian or Chinese Hot
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