Antique Last Supper Picture Copper Silver Wash Frame NR

This is an amazing picture of the Lord's Last Supper. This piece is a puzzle. The table and figures are made of metal and applied to the background. When sold to be I was told that the background was onyx, and the seller was positive about that. I think it's glass with maybe black reverse painting. It's hard to tell without taking the back off. The entire frame is metal, no wood. The frame looks like a mix of white and copper metal. Parts look like it could be a copper wash over some type of base silver, or maybe silver wash over copper. Once again, it's hard to tell. I've never seen anything like this before. I believe it is vintage, and could quite possibly antique. The edge of the metal frame folds over to close up the picture. This part of the metal looks like it could be some grade of silver. Parts even look like they could be sterling, but I've looked and cannot find any marks of any kind. It's kind of heavy, weighing 3 pounds and measuring 16" x 10". Any info on this item or this technique would be much appreciated. Sometimes vintage, sometimes new, but always a bargain. Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favorites list !

Sometimes vintage, sometimes new, but always a bargain. Although I am not an authority, I do my best to describe items as accurately and honestly as I can. This item is sold "as is,
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