Antique LEONARD CRASKE Brass? Sea Captain

Interesting brass? statue of a sea captain holding fast at the ship's wheel. Designed and signed by Leonard Craske and made in Conn. by a Mfg. company whose name I can not read as part of the label has been peeled away. I believe the statue to be made of brass. This statue has been sitting on my bookshelf for years holding up my books as it did in my parents house before me . My guess is that is from 1940's, but I do not know for sure. The paper label on the bottom also reads " They that go down to the sea in ships" The real statue stands in Gloucester Mass. It is in good condition with a knick on the back of his hat and one of the spokes of the wheel has been bent out a bit.(pictured) The piece stands 8 1/2" high and 5 + " wide. It is a heavy piece. Please email with any questions. Payment due in 5 days.