Antique light bulb--with Thomson-Houston base

Old light bulb w/tip--Thomson- Houston base-envelope is clear-tip is good -

bulb is shown lite with 60 volt AC applied--filament is a two turn-

I had to resolder the wire connecting the center screw insert to regain continunity -

Also had to do some minor cleaning of the base to check continunity -

bulb is about 7 3/4 inches tall incl. tip--base is tight -t are no numbers or letters for identification-

A nice scarce old bulb -overall bulb looks quite good -

Filament appears quite fragile as it was made with no filament support -

will triple box with plenty of packing-still cannot guarantee filament will arrive unbroken -

if it does ship it back on your nickel and I will refund purchase price less shipping -

S&H 3 lbs USPS Priority mail USA