Antique Lineberry Factory Cart Coffee Table Railroad

Authentic Restored Antique Lineberry Furniture Factory Cart

A turn of the century industrial original, this cart is smooth to the touch! The oak, cast iron and lettering are original and the cart has been completely restored . This cart has also been leveled to eliminate the wobble found on most carts. Please read the information below for more about wobble fixes.

A piece of American history, this antique cart is a genuine product of dedicated American craftsmanship and each cart is unique. The cart was in service for over 92 years in a North Carolina custom furniture factory and was manufactured by Lineberry Company in North Wilkesboro, NC .

LETTERING : The lettering is original, although faded from years of use, this cart reads " Lineberry Wilkesboro NC "

OAK TOP UPDATE: This cart has one board that is 11 inches wide and not split. This is a very rare find!

Picture Update: We will have more images of this cart soon, hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative this week!

These carts were used to move furniture or furniture parts around the factory during production. The signs of their years of service have been preserved during restoration and no two carts are exactly alike.

Our finishes are true to the age of this piece and are the same satin finishes you would find on restored

You are bidding on the actual cart shown in these photos. The smooth top shows really good character and variety from years of service! Please email me if you would like to see more pictures, or would like a detailed listing of all the markings.

Cast Iron Restoration: All of the cast iron was removed from the cart and restored using our unique 11 step process specifically designed for cast iron restoration which includes multiple cleanings, polishings and a final seal to provide a result that will be beautiful for many, many years to come. All cast iron restoration is done by hand! We do not paint the cast iron! Even though the painting used by most sellers is much quicker and more cost effective, we strongly believe in the quality that comes from authentic restoration techniques.

Hardware Restoration: All hardware is removed from the cart, cleaned, treated and re-threaded as needed. In addition, in the rare instance that a piece of replacement hardware is needed to replace broken or missing hardware, we have a process to age it so it blends right in!

Hardware Update: The hardware on this cart is all original with the exception of the cotter pins used.

Wood Restoration: The oak has been cleaned to remove dirt, sawdust and as much old paint as possible. We then proceed with a very detailed, seven step sanding process with most passes by hand, resulting in the perfect finish for this table. The oak has also been sealed and has received several applications of a furniture-grade paste wax by hand. (no wax has been added to the iron or the wheels)
WOBBLE UPDATE: We have a fix for the wobble - please read! This cart has been leveled using our custom "no drill" technique. A set screw can be added to each end wheel housing upon request of purchaser! (Due to the weight, we still highly recommend placing an area rug or coasters under ANY cart to be displayed on wooden floors.)

Dimensions: Height: 13" Width: 27.5" Length: 50" Wheels: 12" and 6" (all measurements are very close, but not exact)

Payment: PAYPAL only unless you have emailed us to set up local pickup/delivery (see delivery map above)

Shipping: We offer local pickup/delivery and shipping via FedEx Ground.

Local pickup/delivery. We will deliver to any city listed on the map in the pictures above for $15-45 (if you are within 25 miles, I will deliver for free).

(The basic perimeter is I-81 from Hagerstown to Stephens City, I-70 between Frederick and Ellicott City, I-270 between Frederick and Silver Spring, and Hwy 7 between Winchester and Sterling. Also Hedgesville and Berkeley Springs are included in this delivery map. If you are interested, email me your zipcod...

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