Antique Lineberry Factory Cart Coffee Table Railroad

Authentic Vintage Lineberry Factory Cart

This cart is smooth to the touch and still shows the character and variety from years of service!

The oak, iron, and fasteners are original and the cart has been completely restored . The photos show the actual cart that is being auctioned. We photograph each cart as we list it .

Own a piece of American history! This antique cart is a genuine product of dedicated American craftmanship. It came out of a funiture factory in Western North Carolina, a center of furniture manufacturing in the last century. Carts moved furniture and furniture parts around the factory during production. The signs of their years of service have been preserved in our restoration process. The cart was manufactured by the Lineberry Company in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina .

No end-to-end wobble: These carts were designed and built to be used in factories. They are solid and strong, but they wobble end-to-end. The wobble is part of their design. It made them easier to roll over the uneven surfaces of a factory floor. A wobble is good for a factory, but bad for a table. We fix the wobble by adding a set screw to each end-wheel and ship a wrench with the cart so you can adjust the table just the way you want it. Not every cart on ebay has a durable fix for this wobble. Look carefully.
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