antique linen shirt/night shirt, red EV monogram

An antique hand made and hand sewn hemp nightie or under shirt dating from mid to end of the 1800's.
The colour is truest in photo no 3.
Approximate sizes are:
39" long, 35" wide at hem.
Front opening is 12" long with a hand sewn button hole.
Sleeves are about 15" long.
Added material (traingles) under arm and at sides as this was loomed on a narrow loom.
The red cross stitched monogram is 3" wide.
The pieces used to widen (under arm and hem) are of different colours, it's almost like patch work.
This is such stiff and coarse hemp I don't think it was used much, just stored away for years, hence the mark on back (fold line).
Oxy will probably remove it but I didn't want to lighten the lovely caramel colour....
This shirt is entirely hand made, from beginning to end, from the home grown hemp, to the spinning, weaving and sewing.