This is a well made and quality antique is thick and weighs almost 6 pounds...The first photo shows the outside with the Lion Head knocker that also works well to just lift up and let drop for a loud knock...The other photos show the inside with the door and latch that can be opened to see who is out t..everything is solid brass or bronze (not sure which) as my magnet will not stick to any of it. T is a steel band on the inside (magnet sticks hard to it) that is the spacer when the piece is inserted in the door...t are brass screws at the top and bottom to make it come apart for installation...attractive lions that are of the "coat of arms" is not damaged and has no breaks or rough wear; it just needs some good must have been on a red door at some time as red paint is on the edge of the outside part; the paint can be removed. It is 9" x 6" on each side and the spacer for the door is about 1 1/2" wide The latch and hinges and everything works and it is solid and sits straight. This is a really nice antique door knocker with view opening. It will be packed with care to mail.