antique "Little Bob" (signed) skater's lamp vg conditio

This lamp is called "the skater's lamp" because it is thought to have been used as personal outdoor lamp when skating. In fact, it was probably used as an outoor lamp for various reasons, anytime one had to venture out in the dark. Remember that there was circa 1890 on farms no outdoor lighting and one needed to have a lamp that would not blow out, when going to the outhouse e.g. This lamp is the real thing because a) it has a wide holding hoop and b) it is signed and marked on top of glass. This lantern dates from circa 1900. Lamp is 7 inches high and has very little rust. Check this out, a true antique. Airmail shipping within Canada and to USA is free. or overseas airmail (UK and EU only) please add $15.00. For Australia and Far East, please add $$20.00.