Antique LOETZ DIASPORA Amber Iridescent Art Glass VASE

Almost ALL OF OUR ITEMS ARE USED. We indicate vintage or antique. That means they are not NEW, they have been used. Our scale of condition: EXCELLENT, indicating as new but not quite perfect. MINT condition as used by auction houses implies the item is vintage or antique but is in perfect condition, without flaws. This is a highly sought category and not often used. Nothing is ever perfect, but mint is as close as it gets. AS NEW is used more for clothing, sometimes gently used, meaning it has been worn but looks new. VERY GOOD condition means t are some condition problems and they are explained and GOOD implies t are more serious condition problems. We do occasionally sell NEW items and they are marked NEW or NIB meaning New in Box. This means they are new, never used.

Pinched Loetz Diaspora art glass vase in amber, shows many exquisite colors as the light reflects on the iridescent finish, the vase is not marked. Loetz Candia Silberiris Diaspora Vase is how several others are marked. Loetz made this pattern from 1902-1906. Diaspora is the cratered glass pattern and Candia Siliberis refers to the heavy, Gold Aurene style iridescent decoration. The iridescence is gold with hints of blue and amethyst throughout, which the craters and pinches seem to hold or emphasize. This is on a par with the best iridescent colors put out
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