Antique M. Wheeler BRONZE TRINITY Doorknob Door Knob

Antique 1890 Mallory Wheeler Borromean/Trinity Rings Solid Bronze Doorknob

Highly sought after symbolic collectors book piece!

We are offering this superb example of an original 1890 Mallory Wheeler & Company, Borromean/Trinity rings solid bronze passage doorknob.

The artist who designed this pattern seems to have been creatively inspired by religious symbolism.

Our first clue comes from the use of a central design of a circle surrounding Borromean rings commonly used as a symbol of the Trinity. The circle , having no beginning or end, symbolizes eternity or God. Three entwined circles represent the Trinity, with its three eternal and unified members.

The circle is surrounded on two sides by a checkerboard pattern. Traditionally, checkerboard patterns represent symmetry and the "light of knowledge" and the "dark shadow of ignorance" or the separation of knowledge and ignorance.

Above and below the Trinity rings are what appear to be nine triangular sunrays. The sun, in any culture, is one of the highest regarded symbols of humanity. It is life-giving and symbolic of new beginnings. In religion, "the number nine is an amplification of the sacred number three (3 x 3 = 9), the number of completion and eternity. This is the basis for the liturgical form of the Kyrie eleison (meaning
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