Antique magic lantern with brass lens and vintage wooden case - rare blue colour

Lovely antique magic lantern in an unusual dark blue colour and with a very nice brass lens, a lens cap for the lantern, 2 slide holders (one brown wood, one black) and a spare bulb.
The brass lens at the front and the large lens inside look good and have no fogging, there are no makers marks or sizes listed on either of the lenses but I'd guess they could potentially be used for wet plate photography if you didn't want to use them on the lantern. There are no makers marks listed on the lantern or the box (that I could see). The bellows are in very nice condition with no obvious light leaks.
We haven't used it so I don't know if the bulb within or the spare work, or if the electrics work but it all looks very clean and in nice vintage condition. The case does have some marks and scratches as you would expect for an item of this age and would definitely benefit from a good polish, there are also some electrical wires to the bottom left of the case but I do not how these were originally connected.
This would make a great restoration project for collectors as the wood is in nice condition and would come up very nicely with a good clean, there is a little tarnishing on the metal case but nothing major (you can see this on the pictures taken with flash), I think this would also come up nicely with a good clean. The brass
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