What a magnificent antique mahogany pedestal and marble table! The pedestal features beautiful carving and veneering. The marble is gorgeous and dramatic with rich browns and creams. This is a very solid and sturdy piece, the only flaws are minor cosmetic. Would be stellar in a grand entry way with a huge vase of flowers~~what a wonderful way to welcome guests into your home!!
Pedestal measures 31.25" tall x 31" at widest point.
Top measures 47.5" x 1" thick and is mounted to a .5" plywood circle for support.
I think the condition is wonderful, especially considering its age. I personally think the flaws have a character of their own and give antiques like this beauty and presence!! BUT-some of you probably feel differently so I will mention the following issues: the marble has some fissures or cracks (please look at photos). These are only surface issues and may have been part of the original construction of the piece. They do not affect stability since the slab is mounted very securely onto the wood base. T are some "flea bites" around the beveled part of the edge. These are so minor and un-noticeable and could easily be polished and buffed away. They do not affect the appearance of the piece, but need to be mentioned.
The pedestal is amazing and only shows signs or normal wear and aging. This table is worth buying

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