Antique Manganese Lead Glazed Redware Preserve Jar PA

Antique Primitive Pennsylvania
Manganese and Lead Glazed
Redware Small Storage or Presrve Jar
Southeastern Pennsylvania

For your Redware Collection

Details Description: A very nice piece of American folk art, an antique redware small preserve or storage jar. The jar is glazed on both the inside and out side with a manganese-lead glaze resulting in a dark brown color. The jar has a round flat base rising up with straight sides tapering into a rounded shoulder which in turn flares outwards with straight neck ending in a simple rounded rim. As you can see from the photos, the outside of the pot has a nice dark glaze indicative of manganese glazing.
Date: Mid 1800s.
Origin: Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Size: 2 7/8" in diameter at the top, 3 15/16" in diameter at the base, and is ~5" in height
Maker: Unknown.
Marks: None.
Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Beautiful rich deep dark brown color glaze inside and out with distinguishing dark coloring indicative of manganese glaze.
Condition: The jar is in very god condition with no chips, cracks, repairs, crazing or hairlines. It does have some scratches and several small spots where the glaze is lost. Finally as is the case with all these primitive old redarware pieces, the jar has a few
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