This is quite an Unusual Old Shaving Mug and Brush. The Mug itself stands 3 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" across the bottom and 5 1/2" from handle to the outer side.

This looks like Marble it has the coloring of Marble with different shades muted colors going up and down of browns, greys, tans, and ark brown. It feels like wood and t are a couple areas at the top rim that are split just a bit like wood does. I am pretty sure this is wood but has some kind of overlay on it to make it look like Marble. T is another area near the handle indented from wear. The handle is wood it sticks out about 1 1/2" has a round center is very dark in color, does not have the marblized look to it. This is a very Striking and Unique Item.

The inside is smooth has different colors of shading a lot of green in the color, looks very used but in good shape. The bottom in the Mug is round and has a wax like feel to it. The outside bottom is cuffed out.

The bottom of the container continues to have the Marbelized look to it with mostly shades of greens, and some brown and tans. It says: FLINN'S KLINGTITE NON BREAKABLE SHAVING MUG F.A.F. MFG. CO. OMAHA NEBR NO. 5 t is an arrow - another arrow symbols and PAT PENDING 00000 This is probably a rare item to find, this may have been used as a promotional item, not sure.

The brush is 4 1/2
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