Antique Mark Twains Funniest Books Harpers Library 1903

Antique Mark Twains Funniest Books Harpers Library 1903 Up for auction we have this very collectible antique set of Harper's Library Edition books - Mark Twain's Funniest Books in 6 volumes. Published in 1903 by Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London.
With wonderful black and white illustrations by E. W. Kemble, Peter Newell, B. West Clinedinst, J. G. Brown.
"Of all the books of the great humorist these are the ones that have made his name a household word wherever the English language is spoken."
This was "the first time these volumes have been put within the reach of any but the rich". When Harper and Brothers acquired rights to the remainder of Mark Twain's works in 1903 they lost little time in advertising the new titles they acquired from American Publishing Company designating them as "Mark Twain's Funniest Books" although Puddn'head Wilson is arguably not a humorous work.
The books are maroon cloth covers with gold and green ornamental design on the spine, gilded top edges, and deckled or rough cut side and bottom edges.
The advertisement above appeared in December 1903 in the following publications: Atlantic Monthly, Critic, Bookman, Dial, Literary World, Current Opinion and Scribners. It represented the takeover by Harper and Brothers of the American Publishing Company's rights
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