Antique marked, "Germany Mabel" bisque shoulder head on oil cloth body

This auction is for an antique (possibly Armand Marseille) bisque shoulder head doll on an oilcloth body marked, "Germany Mabel 9/0." I can't see the markings on the doll, but am assuming that someone labeled it before/while it was being placed on a new body. The body does appear to be old, but I can't confirm the age or originality. The body has had some repairs to the legs. The doll has sleep eyes, but the weight sticks a bit on the upper/inside portion of the body. The doll appears to be in good condition with no breaks, chips or evidence of repair. . The doll is aproximately 14" tall. **PLEASE NOTE - auction is for item or doll listed and described above only. Any mannequins, props, accessories and/or dolls for photo purposes are for decoration only and are not included. ***DOLLS MAY NEED TO BE RESTRUNG. THEY MAY HAVE CHIPS, CRACKS, REPAIRS, MARKS, RUBS, OR FLAWS THAT I HAVE NOT LISTED. THEY MAY BE MISSING ACCESSORERIES OR CLOTHING ITEMS THAT I AM NOT AWARE OF. CLOTHING MAY HAVE SPOTS OR NEED REPAIRS THAT I HAVE MISSED, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE LOOKED THEM OVER VERY WELL! MOST LIKELY CLOTHING WILL NEED TO BE LAUNDERED AND MAY HAVE SLIGHT MUSTY OR OLD ODORS. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT PERFECT NOR WILL I BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE EVERY SINGLE FLAW. IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A PERFECT ITEM, PLEASE KINDLY PASS ON
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