Antique Max Sievert Petrol Blow Torch

Antique Max Sievert Blow Torch. Solid Brass. Fueled by Petrol. It has had a bit of a bashing but that doesn't prevent it from working. It's probably best to at this item as a collector's piece. It does need a leather washer for the pump. Measures 5.75" high x 8" wide. Weighs 90 grams.

Carl Richard Nyberg (May 28, 1858, – 1939) was the founder of Max Sieverts Lödlampfabrik , then one of the largest industries in Sundbyberg , Sweden . Nyberg was born in Arboga . After school he started working for a jeweller [1] and later he moved to Stockholm and worked with various metalworks. He later got work at J. E. Eriksons mekaniska verkstad (later renamed to "Mekanikus"). [1]

It was while working there that he formulated the idea of the blowtorch . He later worked on the idea and created a blowtorch with strong, directed heat and also with several safety measures built in. He quit his work at Mekanikus in 1882 and set up a workshop at Luntmakargatan in Stockholm making blowtorches. However the business didn't work well because it took too long to both manufacture and sell them. For a time he made a living selling rings supposedly for curing gout .[1] In 1884 he moved his workshop to Sundbyberg. In 1886 he met Max Sievert at a country fair and Sievert became interested in Nyberg's blowtorch and started selling it. After encouragement
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