Antique MBCEP Silverplate Teapot And Stand

I get most of my items at estate auctions. I sell them in an "as found" condition. I do no repairs, alterations and very little cleaning. I do this in the belief that most buyers prefer to receive them as original as possible.

I will be selling pieces from a collection of silver-plate and silver that I purchased from a local estate. All have been stored away for many years and all are tarnished. I am not an expert on silver plate but have been around antiques for a very long time. I will do my best at describing the pieces and any condition issues some may have. From what I have been told it appears they were haphazardly stored away in boxes for many years. Some of the pieces have a lightly scratched "ownership" mark on the bottom, "Sena."

DESCRIPTION: This piece is in good condition but does have a condition issue that would need some repair. T are supposed to be two pins sticking out of each side of the teapot. One of these is missing on both sides. They would need replacing before the teapot would be stable on the stand. Other than tarnish, that is the only condition issue with the piece. It is not scratch free but the scratches are minimal and t are no dents or other damage and no other repairs. The piece has a variety of different maker's marks made up of letters and symbols. One of the symbols is a star inside
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