Antique medieval Silver ring with gemstone.

Late Byzantine/Early Renaissance Era Silver Alloy Ring with Oval Green Colored Center Stone .


Silver/Bronze alloy ring with Oval Green colored glass "Gemstone".


Constantinople (Ancient Turkey ), 15-17th Century A.D.

Size : 8’ 1/2(U.S).

Weight : 5.56 grams.

CONDITION : Excellent! Intact, integrity unimpaired. Very light wear from usage. No significant porosity (surface pitting caused by contact with earth while buried). Very fine finish.

DETAIL : A very intricate silver/bronze alloy ring of late Byzantine or early Renaissance origin, probably sixteen or seventeenth century, provenance is Eastern Europe . This style of ring was popular throughout much of Eastern Byzantine Europe for centuries, so it is difficult to place a precise date on the artifact. However it is likely to have been produced sometime in the 15th, 16th, or 17th century.

Some signs of wear are to be expected from a ring several centuries old. It was produced with the idea that someone would purchase it and wear it - and that is exactly what happened.

The Gren faux gemstone is colored glass, quite commonly used during the era to produce ersatz gemstones, albeit expensive ersatz gemstones. Inexpensive faux gemstones were more often than not produced from
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