Antique Microscope Slides Diatoms Arranged Group

Offered at auction, a beautiful Arranged Circular Group of Diatoms from Kerimba, East Africa, mounted by Master English Diatomist F.W. Mills, circa early 1900s.

Bracegirdle's "...Mounts and Mounters" reference notes in the entry for F.W. Mills: "He became famous for his work with diatoms, and his mounts are of the highest quality. He wrote on diatoms from about 1893, his most famous work being his "Index to the Genera and Species of the Diatomaceae", with it's 500,000 references."

The quality of mounting is superior, and offers interesting viewing using various magnifications and lighting methods. This mount was previously a part of the comprehensive collection of F.C. Wise.

F.C. Wise was a English diatomist of renown in his own right, a long time member of The Quekett Microscopical Society, and served as it's President in 1959 and 1960. His extensive collection included examples from all the great diatom mounters, from the early Victorian times on into the mid 20th century. A portion of his collection is still part of the Natural History Museum in London, England.