These are three antique knives that I'm guessing are from the Middle East. The largest is 14" long sheathed, the second sheathed knife 13" long and the unsheathed knife is 12' in length. The largest has both a metal handle and sheath. The metal work on this knife is fantastic. It also has some writing on both sides of the blade near the handle. I tried to get a picture of it, however cannot translate it. The second knife has a decorated wood handle with a metal sheath that also has very nice worked decoration. The condition of all are nice, with appropriate signs of age and use. The only condition issues that warrent mention are: the sheath of the largest knife has come apart at both it's seams and t is an old repair to the top of the handle. The unsheathed knife has one tip of its wooden handle missing, this happened long ago. Please ask with questions, I'll try to answer. Thanks for looking.