antique US military wood drum slingerland WWII ?

Here is a nice old wooden drum made by SLINGERLAND in chicago ILL. the item diameter is 15 1/4 inches and its about 13-14 tall, as the top is on a little crooked. the item has wonderful labeling and wood patina, I only wiped it off, it will clean up more too, with a wood cleaner. the item has a nice manufacturers brass plate on the side, and I took a close up photo of it for you. the item has nice rope work with leather details. the item has a nice rope weave braid strap, but it seems to be like this was played upside down, Im not sure though. it does look like it got some play at any rate. the item pound part is marked RADIO KING. the item interior is in nice shape too, and has a code or number stamped inside, I took a close up of that too. the item would be a nice fixer upper, to restore, it displays great as is too. the item ships for 25.00 economy shipping.