Antique Miniature Cup Fragonhard Style Marie Antoinette Portrait Bird Handle

Miniature porcelain cup in the fragonhard style with a high curved handle that ends with a bird's head in the middle. The bird's head is more detailed in larger fragonhard cups than it is in this miniature. This dainty beauty is 2.75" tall and 2.5" wide. It is blue with a portrait of a lady resembling Marie Antoinette, and generous gold trim. This little cup is too small to be a demitasse cup. Miniature fragonhard, bird's head cups are rare. This could have been a sample presented to royalty or an aristocrat. It could have been part of a child's set. Whatever its purpose, it is a delightful little cup.

There is some gold fading through the cup, but no chips, cracks or repairs.

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