Antique Monkey Bank Hubley Cast Iron #208 Organ Grinder

This is an antique cast iron mechanical Monkey Bank made by Hubley. I know that it is an antique but its exact age is unknown. It is being sold as is. It is in original condition, works well and it has never been cleaned or finished. Inside are some coins. It no longer has the key. T is lots of nice color and incredible details. It was purchased some fifty years ago at an antique shop. I am not sure how old but it probably could be looked up. When you use it you put a coin in the monkey's mouth and release a lever on the side called a spring bar. The monkey then flys to the organ grinder's basket and deposits it safely away. Marked "208" on the inside near the spring shown. Overall it is in great shape given its age.. a rare find which would compliment any collection.