Antique Mountmellick Embroidered Doyle

Beautiful antique Mountmellick embroidered doyle in excellent condition measuring 9 1/2" x 10" in excellent condition. This piece has not been embroidered on a jean material but on a substantial linen. Based on this I believe this piece dates to the late 19th C. It has been gently laundered and ironed and ready to use. It is without stains, mends, weak areas. A lovely small piece of rare embroidery work to add to your collection. Mountmellick has become very difficult to find; I have been a collector for the last 20 years and I am proud to say that my collection has gone back to Ireland. For those of you who do not know about Mountmellick embroidery it was developed in Mountmellick, Co. Loas, Ireland about 1808. The needle work was taught to the ladies of Mountmellick and the theme of the work was from the flowers and folaige of the surrounding area. Various items were made such as bed coverlets, doillies, cases, shams, brides bags, tea cloths, on a substantial jean fabric of that time period, but with the potatoe famine that developed in Ireland, the needle work came to an end and wasn't started up again until the late 19th C about 1885. If you have any questions, please e-mail me, as all sales are final, and please have a look at my other auction items listed this week, there are some lovely and unusual items.

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