Old Antique Old Mr. Boston Cal. Port Wine Bin Bottle

For sale 1 old vintage antique wine bottle. It is a beautiful embossed clear see through amber, collared neck, paper label, Old Mr. Boston Brand California Port Wine Bin Bottle. Alcohol twenty per cent by volume, Distributed by Berke Brothers Distilleries inc. Boston, Mass.and Pennsyvania liquor control board label & nos. on side of neck. Embossed Bin Bottle, Magic Panel, Old Mr. Boston Fine Wines, 4/5 Quart on surfaces of bottle, and patent pending, 2, 7,on bottom base. A unusual flat area portion design back. You won't find too many old wine bottles like this around anymore.(it has it all) It is a great early mold bottle( tears, bubbles, whittle marks, etc.) with no chips or cracks, and is 11 1/2" high.and a great looking display bottle. All the bottles for sale are from my ( 30 yrs.) collection. See Pictures. Check my feedbacks. Thank you and good luck.