is a Antique North West Coast mans Cuff Bangle Bracelet! It is very Old. I am guessing it is from the 1930's It is made from nicklesilver. T is a stamp mark inside that says Bell Nicklesilver in a hallmark stamp that looks like a Bell. It is a neat bracelet with typical N.W. Coast Designs. It measures tad over 1" Inch wide and a tad over 6" Inches around the curve. I dont know who made it or w it was sold. If anyone has any information on it, I would like to be able to add it to the listing. It looks like it has been heavily worn. It is not damaged but it has a patina that you can see it was heavily worn over the years. I will have it on for five days with a low opening bid. I am also always interested in Offers and Buy It Now. Thanks for looking.***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

I would like to ask all bidders that are newcomers who have 0 feedback to please email me with contact information. If you do not email me I cannot accept your bid. I would also ask All bidders to please email me with Any questions before you bid. Whatever it is, or whether you just want to know more about the item, just PLEASE email me before you bid. Many of my customers are repeat customers, and we have found that communication is the Key to a sucessful auction. All you need to do is Email me. I answer ALL emails. I thank you very much. all. Remember, this is a Auction, and all sales are final except for the refund Policy I have mentioned above. Remember too that this is only a 5 day auction, and I am also Always interested in Offers and Buy It Now.

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