Antique E.N. WELCH mantle clock metal columns & trim complete but not running

Selling with NO RESERVE, and NO packing/handling add ons. Buyer pays only for exact postage as calculated by EBAY shipping calculator. (PRIORITY or PARCEL SELECT; too heavy for 1st class). WELL PADDED Boxed weight is OVER 13 pounds, thus why shipping cost may look high for your destination,

First of all, IT IS NOT RUNNING, perhaps because the brass wire that goes from a gear at the top is all bent out of shape. This brass wire also has a small piece of what looks and feels like lead, and another small piece of lead that has fallen off that wire. When you move the pendulum (by hand) the gear at top does not

The wind up springs are good and strong, and when hands are moved manually , it counts the hour on a gong, and strikes a different bell on half hour.

Also , There is NO clock maker name on the dial or back of the movement or the key. But. I found two other IDENTICAL clocks for sale or completed on EBAY (as well as some parts) and those were identified as by "E. N. WELCH" of Conn.. So, since all parts of this one look just like those, I listed it as being that maker.

It does have lots of good parts (glass, fancy brass over dial, hinged cover over dial works smoothly and is secure, four nice metal full columns, fancy metal legs and side trim, metal back cover that swivels open to reach pendulum, double
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