Antique National Cast Iron Treadle Sewing Machine! RARE

Antique National Cast Iron Treadle Sewing Machine!! RARE!
Item Description: Up for auction is antique National Cast Iron Treadle sewing machine! This item is extremely rare - coming complete with the entire treadle assembly!
The Head
The head is in great shape - entirely functional as you can see from some video i have : VIDEO . The machine is missing the shuttle (i think) but as far as i can tell that is all. The paint is in good shape as is the polished nickle parts. The decals are faded off although you can make out some faintly. You can see an example of the physical condition in the many many pictures. The sewing action is nice and smooth, the wheel on the head spins freely and all movement is unhindered. The foot lowers properly with the release lever and it's truly amazing to watch this machine move!
The Desk & Treadle
I believe the Govenor style desk is made of Oak, in good shape considering the age - somew around 1870's. I think this is the original treadle unit to go with the head - indicated with the hold specifically designed for the wing bolt that holds the head to the unique folding top. It is a 5 drawer desk - 4 pullouts - 2 on each side and a flip out drawer on the top front. The wood in in nice shape for the most part. The top is great - again considering the age of the piece. If this
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