Antique National Treadle Blind Stitch Sewing Machine NR

This is an auction for a Rare, Early, Industrial, Treadle Operated, Blind Stitch Sewing Machine.

It was made by The National Sewing Machine of New York City (Not to be confused with the National Sewing Machine Company of Illinois., and according to the label it was Scientifically Rebuilt by National.

Originally a Treadle Operated Machine it was converted with a motor by "Modern" and the treadle was used to open the material holder.

Written in white is "Manufactured in New York" and its low Serial Number of 8318 indicates to me that it was used industrially in the New York City Garment Sector.

A history of w. 25th street in N.Y.C. states that Light industry and stores that sold industrial sewing machines were located t

The board is mounted on a Singer Industrial treadle base. It does not have wheels and is screwed to the floor and has a split treadle.(See Photo) The board could be original since t are holes for the belt that originally powered the machine.

The "MODERN" motor appears to be a second newer motor and t is a hole in the wood base w an earlier motor may have been mounted.

The Phone number given for National is CH2-0350 and its address is given as W. 25th Street. This is from the Sceintifically Rebuilt Label. This would be around 70 or more years ago.


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Good Luck and Happy Collecting.

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