ANTIQUE Native American Indian ? Ash Splint Pack Basket

~~~3 DAY AUCTION!~~~ ~ANTIQUE Native American Indian ? Ash Splint Pack Basket~ RARE ESTATE FIND! Selling this fantastic Large antique hunting / fishing / "small game" pack basket basket - we are not sure if it was Native American Indian Made or it may be considered an early antique Adirondack item ?? - it is very early and probably well over 100 years old - this was displayed in a museum in Upstate New York many-many years ago - the owner/proprietor recently passed away and all of his belongings were left to his eldest son who has commisioned us to sell the entire contents of the museum on ebay for him - we had explained to him that we are not experts in many fields but that we would try our very best to describe all of the items to the best of our ability and he then replied back; "do the best you can" --- we estimate that this is going to take us months to accomplish as t is a very large amount of items in this museum collection and we hope you will place us in your favorites to view this vast collection throughout the duration - we are going to start with many of the Native American Indian items followed by Civil War items and then followed by the vast collection of many-many historical items & etc... - you will see many rare and unique old antique items and we are going to list each and every item on a 3 day auction, and ... read more