Antique Native American Indian Swastika Spoon Artifact

Antique American Indian Swastika Spoon Artifact

Museum quality Souvenir Native ancient symbol friendship

You are looking at a very old, antique Native American Indian spoon. Decorated with the Native American symbol for "good luck" - the swastika - this fine example of quality crafts making has a raised design on the top of the handle - possible some kind of bug - arrows down the stem and the swastika and other geometric designs on the bowl. This treasure is just 3 ½" long. This piece is old - it, along with other Native artifacts, have been in our family for at least 60 years - probably much, much longer. Some have already gone to museums. Because of its historical heritage, I am including a brief quote about the swastika. "Visitors to New Mexico in the late 19 th century would have been pleased to purchase ,,, silver jewelry decorated with a swastika.... One of the oldest symbols made by humans, the swastika dates back some 6000 years to rock and cave painting..... In 1940, in response to Hitler's regime, the Navaho, Papago, Apache and Hopi people signed a whirling log proclamation. It read, "because the above ornament, which has been a symbol of friendship... has been desecrated by another nation of peoples, tfore it is resolved that hencefore from this date on... our tribes renounce the use of the emblem commonly
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