Antique Native California Mission Indian Basket ca.1890

Late 19th Century California Mission Indian Basket, ca. 1890 For your consideration we present a stunning, finely woven Mission Indian basket, woven in the classic open bowl form and dating to the late 19th Century (1880-1890). A collector has written to tell us they are of the opinion the basket is (California) Yokuts in origin, which we acknowledge as a possibility (though we're pretty confident in our Misison atttribution). The design and form are pre-revival and indicate this was made for domestic use, as opposed to the more common revival-period designs that were intended for tourist consumption (Farmer, 2006). In fact, due to the introduction of metal and glassware during the mid-19th Century, Mission Indian basketmaking suffered from a relative hiatus during the latter half of the 19th Century, it is rare to encounter a Mission basket that predates 1900 as does this one, and the pattern is pure and unspoiled by the reflections of the demands of tourist-trade economics.
This open bowl, woven of juncus and dyed juncus (and what might be a couple coils of basal red juncus on the bottom), measures 7 3/4 inches (19.7 cm) in diameter by 3 inches (7.6 cm) in height, and is woven in an impressively fine and tight weave, with a stitch-count ranging from an impressive 14 to an extraordinary 18 stitches per inch . By comparison,
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