Antique Nichols & Stone N E Hurricane 1938 Wood Chair

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Antique Nichols & Stone

Hurricane Chair

Sept 21,1938

September 21, 1938 was a big event as New England was swept with a devastating tropical rain and hurricane causing millions of dollars and loss of may lives.Many of the fine trees and forests were leveled by the high winds, as the earth was saturated with so much rain and the trees were toppled over by the roots. It was a disaster area, but soon federal aid came and the large trees were salvaged as logs and were trucked to ponds to be preserved and stored until saw mills were set up at various locations. The Nichols and Stone Company of Gardner obtained salvaged logs and made 2 inch thick pine planks for a special chair seats commemorating the September storm.

The chair measures 16X16x33 It is strong and solid it need to be refinished t are some deep scratches please view the pictures.

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