Antique No.4 Upright 1886 School Bell - Neat and Big

Hi. Up for auction is this antique No.4 school bell.It is 13 in.from the bottom of the bell to the top of the cradle,the bell alone is 9 in. tall and 15 in. wide at the bottom of the bell.The cradle arm from the outside edge to the outside edge is 19 in. The cradle bracket is 14 1/2 in.high and 16 1/2 in.wide at the bottom of the bracket.On the one cradle bracket it says No.4 UPRIGHT 1886 and on the other bracket it says No.4.This is in good shape with very minimal rust,no cracks or breakage,original clapper that is in good shape.The sound is good when rung.The only damage on the whole thing is one of the anchoring holes on the bottom of one of the cradle brackets is broke.Please look at the pictures.This can be easily fixed.This is a great old bell.If you have any questions please contact me.Thank you for looking and good luck!