This kind of samovar is really hard to find and there are very few around.

The samovar was belong to my grand grand mother and we decided to sell it.

The samovar is in a very good condition to its age.

On the samovar it's marked: NORBLIN&CO GALW WARSZAWA

The Samovar was made at the second half of the 19th Century by the Norblin polish company at Warsaw (around 1880's).

It is made to be tilt to different directions, probably to make it easy for the water to run; the tilt is still in a very good shape.

There are few tiny dings on the boiler, however it is not retracting its beauty.

One wheel is missing the original nut and the nut was replaced a long time ago and never removed (see picture).

There is some tarnish on the Samovar and can be easily removed by a professional. I will leave to the happy buyer decision .


38 cm (15") long

43 cm (17") tall

12 cm (4 6/8 ") width

Please note: the green reflection on the pictures is from the camera only.

I have taken many pictures so please look carefully and .

Thank you and .


A reference from the Museum of the samovar located at
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