Antique Oak bow front drop leaf secretary bookcase 1900

We are offering a beautiful bow front antique secretary with bookcase made in tiger oak. It details include: curved glass, side-by-side secretary and bookcase, with a beveled mirror, drop front desk with an owl looking carving on the drop leaf. The ornately carved top panel features a beveled mirror and nicely detailed carvings. The front feet are ornately carved lion paws with lovely detail. The curved glass bookcase or display cabinet is on the left side: and a drop front desk on the right. The desk portion features carved design on the front drop while the interior is fitted an assortment of cubby holes and a center drawer. Under the drop leaf is one bowfront drawer, then two flat drawers. The drawer pulls are very ornate, and appear to be original as well. This piece measures 36" wide x 72" tall x 13" deep. T are some issues to address with the condition: The back panel both interior, and exterior panel has some warping and superficial cracks The top panel has some seperation between the oak boards, and the drop leaf desk front has been repaired. The bookcase came to me without any shelves, but I have added three glass shelves that are not shown but are included with the secretary.

Some interesting notes: the back panel still has the original shipping label from the factory (picture included) The label show shipped from
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