Antique Oak Folding Sewing Table South Paris Maine Type with Marked Measure Rule

Antique Oak Folding Sewing Table South Paris Maine Type With Marked Measure. Top measures 19" x 36 3/8" and opened standing up it is 25" high. Has nice original yard stick 36" measure marked on the edge of the top. Legs fold up perfectly and lock into place with the original hardware. I have several of these over the years and this one is the classic style with steel locking leg mechanism below - please check my 12 photos as I tried to show every side and angle. Not marked but my experience has been these were all made at South Paris Maine. The wood has a fine aged patina and it is certainly a genuine old antique table. The top has an age crack mostly confined to a spot near the edge; the base is missing a couple cross frame screws which has no effect whatsoever as it is quite solid and sturdy and screws are easily replaced if desired.

The Paris Manufacturing Company which operated between 1862 and 1989: "The Paris Manufacturing Company had modest beginnings. In 1861 a man named Henry Franklin Morton, starting with a hobby, began what would become the largest and longest operating sled company in American history...Early on he was plagued with a serious eye condition...Living in West Sumner, Maine with his wife Lucilla in 1861, he started making rakes and non-steerable sleds as a hobby to make extra money. He assembled fifty
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