Antique Oak Map 10 Drawers/ Flat File Cabinet

Beautiful honey oak flat files or map drawers - 10 in all. This unit is made up of 2 separate sets of 5 drawers which nest very tightly one on top of the other. The flat top which you see in the photos lifts off. One drawer, the bottom one pictured , has a small bite out of the wood in the corner. I have that drawer on the bottom and it makes it almost invisible. Each drawer bottom is made out of press board or masonite. a few have cracks in the press board bottom. but all are accounted for. I have tried to take a picture of the top piece, which has a few scrapes and tiny bit of paint on one edge.

This piece has been in my family for 40 years. Each time someone new visits our home they always comment "W'd you get THAT?!" Then they say they wish they had it as their own, but bemoan the fact that it is so big and it would never fit. This piece IS big. But it is a fantastic piece and will bring you great joy. If you are an artist/map or photo collector, it will please you to have it filled with your drawings, or collection.

Measures: 45.5 x 35 x 30.5 inches over all. Each drawer is 2 inches deep. I do not know how much it weighs. Two people can move it as the unit comes apart, but each portion is very heavy...even with out the drawers.

Shipping: It is up to you to find a shipper, and have them box/crate this
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