Antique Oil Painting landscape signed by Gerasco 24x48

You are bidding on an antique oil painting of a landscape signed by the artist, A. Gerasco. This lovely landsape is set on a river bank including bushes, trees, 8 figures, 2 buildings in the distance, and a mountain range further in the distance. The canvas measures 48'' x 24''

I bought this painting from a man, Michael Buccola, who was selling the contents of his deceased father's estate. He was 55 years old, so I am assuming the father was at least in his 70's. Supposedly the father (Annthony A. Buccola) was a collector of art. I believe this could possibly be over 100 years old. The canvas from the back is dark yellow/light brown in color. It is definitely aged as the items that would normally be white in a newer painting (such as the clouds) are yellowed. The canvas is extremely extremely dry and delicate. If you were to push on the canvas ever so slightly with your finger you would definitely tear the painting. I believe the painting was originally stretched on something else because of the crude way the stretchers are stampled together at the corners. They don't seem to join at the seams as they should. Also the lengthwise stretchers do not seem to match the stretchers for the width. One of the lengthwise stretchers is stamped in black ink 48 ANCOBILT GELNDALE NY. The other lengthwise stretcher is not marked. Both
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