This old Chinese iron has a lovely shape with a fluid curved top edge. These irons were used to press clothes by putting hot coals in the bowl. The inside of the bowl is discolored as would occur with frequent heating and cooling. The bottom is smooth from being used. The metal is a grayish color on the outside of the bowl. The designs are very intricate. The reddish wooden handle is affixed to the metal by 1 very old screw on the bottom. The handle is slightly wobbly.

The overall length is almost 11Â". The height is 2Â" at the front and 3Â" at the back. The bowl is approximately 4Â" in diameter.

This item was part of an estate of one family, covering a many generations. The family had been collecting antiques for well over 100 years!

This Chinese iron would be a wonderful addition to a collection of Asian/Primitive antiques! NOTE: I have another Chinese iron on auction, also. (Item #230241535297) It is similar but not an exact match to this one. The two irons were displayed together.