Antique Opera Binoculars Need To See! Lamier Fab Paris




This Item was located in Western North Carolina. As to it's true origin I do not know. It is extremely well made and appears to be manufactured of different brasses, both red and yellow, as well as what appears to be some gold plating. ( You will notice this in the photo showing the lens fronts.)

The lenses themselves are fucntional although weatd (cloudy). It appears to me to be moisture infiltration. They don't seem to be pitted and should clean up well.

The item is mechanically sound! It is also Telescoping!!!!!

As far as any deffects, it is missing it it's handles' endcap. This is shown in the handle photo as the items "squared off bottom." It contains exremely fine threads w it was attached. It appears to me that the handle at one time had a decorative sleeve held on by this, as it also has a retaining ring at the top!

On the "eye" side lenses you will notice the gold plating! On the tapered down end towards the glass, t appears to be the makers mark and in the outside diameter. I can make out the word "PARIS" on the bottom and towards the top t is the letters LAMIER FAB.

That's the description!!!!

My hope for this item is that the buyer can give it the care and restoration it needs. THIS IS A BEUTIUL ITEM! I have been unable
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