Antique Opium weight GoldenTriangle Bird 160 grams

Welcome to JUNE !!!

Well, this is my SEVENTH year as an Ebay seller. It is hard to believe that so much time and so many of my goods have reached your collections from my years of collected goods. It is a lot of work to haul these goods out from the boxes and scan, photograph and prepare them for sale, but harder to let go things that have taken me all these years in Asia to accumulate. At least I will be able to have had the pleasure to gather them over the years and cherish the memories associated with their finding. I hope that all of you have been pleased with over 3000 on my feedback.

This is a 160 gram 5.5 cm ( 2.1 in ) tall, 3.3 cm ( 1.3 in ) Octagonal base Duck opium weight that had a CLEAR BIRD checking stamp on the front RIGHT bottom . It has a beautiful patina, is in perfect condition and rare to find.

These are a rarer type of opium weights.

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