Antique Original 1924 Smiling Girl COCA-COLA Advertising Serving Tray Brown

This rectangular shaped tray is antique advertising for Coca-Cola. It features a woman holding a glass of Coca-Cola, these were done in a series and this one is entitled "Smiling Girl." There is gold lettering on the top of the tray that reads, "Drink Coca-Cola". On the bottom of the picture, near the gold trim around the rectangle, it also reads in gold lettering: "Copyright, The Coca-Cola Co., The American Art Works, Coshocton, O." and on then on the furthest right hand side, "Made in U.S.A." The Tray m easures 13 .75" long and 10.5" wide. There are some imperfections to it, probably due to age, but it is really not in bad shape. Please see pictures and determine for yourself. Thanks!