What a interesting old (not a reproduction) winter Sears Roebuck catalog. Someone wrote a date of 1908 on the cover but there is a picture of milk separator that says 1910. It consists of 1348 pages of everything you could buy through the catalog in that era and that was a lot ! This was so fascinating to me I could have taken a picture of every page. Since I especially like vintage clothing I took more of that. Pages of dresses, coats, jewelry, hats ,children's winter coats and dresses, men's caps, fur coats, suits, shoes, boots, pocket watches. Household goods- wallpaper ,dishes, curtains, furniture, sewing machines, silverware, stoves. Also Christmas toys and decorations bicycles, pens, guns. Farm items- bells, gas engines ,horse collars, fly nets. You name it they had it for sale.

Condition- as you can see the front cover has condition problems as a portion is missing and the back cover has damage and stains. 1 page of ladies suits is loose and several of the last pages have small amount of paper loss at the bottom The rest of the catalog is intact and the binding seems to be good considering the age and the fact that is over a hundred years old. This is a great piece of history ! If you have questions or concerns over the conditions describe please email.