Antique ORIGINAL Spalding's Base Ball Guide 1890, Original Spalding Guide 1890

Offered here is an Antique ORIGINAL "Spalding's Base Ball Guide 1890". This is one of a group of original guides I purchased from 1890 - 1902. Please be sure to check them all out. Most of these are the very best condition you will ever see or purchase, two are excellent but missing the original front covers. This 1890 guide is one of those missing the original cover . These will be shipped insured, in plastic, between stiff cardboard and with delivery confirmation.
Baseball guides were published annually by REACH and SPALDING and appeared in March just before the start of the new season. Baseball historians and researchers found these guides particularly helpful because they contained all the information and statistics of major and minor leagues as well as a detailed synopsis on the World Series (starting with the 1904 guides) and anything noteworthy that happened during the previous year. Pre-1920 guides are scarce and pre-1900 guides are extremely rare and nearly all copies extant have been well used and they are very hard to find in nice condition. The baseball guides tell the year-by-year story of baseball in more detail than any other publication...the only exception being THE SPORTING NEWS (which are pretty much non-existent prior to the 1920s).
Albert Goodwill Spalding, the son of an Illinois farmer, is regarded as
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